Are Heated Jackets Worth Buying?

Are Heated Jackets Worth Buying?

Layering up in cold weather is a thing of the past. With technological advancements, heated jackets came into existence in the early 1900s and haven’t lessened in popularity ever since. They offer comfort and convenience with their adaptable features in multiple scenarios.

These can be a bit pricier than the traditional jackets, but they offer several benefits. Holding a battery to warm up the heating components, these jackets are high-tech with many more functions. They provide instant warmth without any hassle.

They are worth the price and have been in demand for decades. SGKOW’s heated apparel provides optimum support with a long line of satisfied customers. They are acclaimed for their certified and industry-standard technology applied in their heated clothing line.

Our article below explains all the details concerning these jackets.

How Do Heated Jackets Work?

Electrical resistance heating is the science underneath heated clothing. This indicates that the temperature of any material heated by a current of electricity will increase. Its heating components are made of an electrically resistant material. In most cases, carbon fiber, stainless steel, or copper-based product is utilized to construct these heating elements.

The jacket's heating components are powered by energy from the battery pack, which is activated when the jacket is worn. It has a warming impact on the user's body.

Precise weaving into the clothing at certain locations ensures that the electrical components are secure. Particular focus is placed on the lower and upper back and the chest. Due to its construction, the jacket may provide warmth throughout the whole abdomen.

Talking about heating components, two primary kinds of heating components are frequently found in heated jackets:

Carbon Fiber-based Heating Systems

Thin, bendable strands of carbon fiber are utilized to make heating components out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber produces heat when a current of electricity is run across it. Heating components made of carbon fiber are portable and resilient.

They can also be shaped into different heat patterns that may be spread uniformly through the jacket. The traditional heated jacket for men from SGKOW is equipped with 5 carbon fiber heating components. Given that they focus on the core areas, they might be a great option.

Metal-based Heating Systems

Heating components constructed from metals like nickel-chromium include slender, flexible wires as their active component. The metallic wiring becomes hot because of the flow of electricity that passes through it. However, metal heating components can heat up more easily.

They can also wear out faster than their carbon fiber equivalents, so they are not as safe. A heated jacket has a simple working mechanism. The power source, that is the heated jacket battery pack, powers the heating components. This in turn creates heat. As a result, the wearer's body temperature is maintained by the jacket's even distribution of heat.

Advantages of Heated Jackets

Consistent Warmth

  • Even distribution of heat is a well-known feature of heated jackets. These might be useful lightweight additional layer of insulation in the cold. These may be useful for cold-weather or outdoor sports enthusiasts.
  • These might make you feel warmer and more at ease while outside in wintertime. This is because the jacket's warmth might be a major factor in improving comfort. Both cold and shivers may be prevented with them.

Energy Efficiency

  • The energy efficiency of these heated jackets is shown by their low power requirements. However, they provide a considerable quantity of warmth.
  • All the heating elements in a heated jacket are designed to heat up quickly and evenly. They're efficient enough to keep you warm without draining the battery.
  • These heated jackets are renowned for their extended warmth retention due to their insulating properties. Because of this, energy is also saved.

Health Benefits

  • A heated jacket is beneficial because it provides relaxing heat to aching muscles. This is because raising core body temperature improves blood flow. Muscle tension may be reduced as a result.
  • Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and many other health conditions that cause pain can obtain positive pain relief effects from a heated jacket.
  • When the body's core temperature drops too low, it's said to be hypothermia. A heated jacket may act as insulation, warding off the negative effects of hypothermia.
  • The use of a heated jacket has been linked to an increase in endorphins. Endorphins are a group of molecules that work to reduce discomfort and boost mood.


  • When used properly, heated jackets are intuitive. There is usually a toggle switch and a knob to adjust the heat level on these jackets.
  • Timer and auto-shutoff functions may be found on certain heated jackets.
  • Generally, heated coats are compact and simple to transport. These can be folded to fit in a purse or backpack. Because of this, they are excellent for vacations and other outdoor activities.
  • Heated jackets can adapt to many situations and are multipurpose.
  • These are a great investment if you plan on doing any outdoor activities in the winter, like hiking or camping.
  • Wearing a heated jacket when going snowboarding or skiing may keep you comfortable and dry.
  • When hunting in the winter, heated coats are a great way to stay warm and hidden.
  • If you plan on going to a sports event in the winter, a heated jacket can ensure comfort and warmth.

Potential Drawbacks

With a number of benefits, heated jackets also have some drawbacks, which can be controlled with proper use.

Initial Cost

In comparison to a standard jacket, the price of a heated one is greater upfront. This is due to the fact that heated jackets include extra parts. These include heating elements, a battery pack, and an adjustable temperature system.

Battery Life

Regular recharging of the heated jacket is required. Several variables affect how long the batteries in heated jackets last, It includes the garment's design, the thermostat setting, and the duration in which the jacket is worn. The majority of heated jackets, nevertheless, need recharging after just 4 to 6 hours of usage.

Keep in mind that a heated jacket's battery will run out at some point. It will need to be replaced. The lifespan of a heated jacket battery is affected by factors such as the battery's kind, the frequency of its use, and how it is stored. The average heated jacket battery lasts 2–3 years.


Following manufacturer instructions is crucial. This involves reading use, care, and storage directions. Keep the jacket cool and dry while not in use. The jacket should not be stored in direct sunlight or moisture. Prior to storage, disconnect the heated jacket battery. This will aid in keeping the battery from dying. 

If keeping the jacket for a long time, detach the heating components and keep them separately.

Cleaning the jacket frequently is important for longevity. Don't iron the jacket. The heating components may be damaged because of this.

Do not wear a damp jacket. It can cause shocks and reduce the lifetime of the jacket. Check the jacket for damages frequently. Fix the jacket before using it if you discover damage. Battery replacement is required. The battery should be replaced when it begins to degrade.

Safety Concerns

Overheated heating components in such a jacket provide a serious risk of burns to the skin. There is a danger of electrical shock if the electrical parts in a heated jacket are degraded. There is a risk of fire from improper usage or maintenance of heated jackets. Precaution and regular monitoring should be done in order to keep using a heated jacket safely.

Comparative Analysis of Heated Jackets vs Traditional Jackets

To create heat, heated jackets rely on electric heating components. Core parts of the body including the chest, and back are usually where the heating components are placed. Rechargeable batteries provide the energy for heated outerwear.

Insulation is a common feature of traditional winter jackets. Popular insulating materials in classic winter jackets include down synthetic fibers and feathers. Here are a few prominent areas where heated jackets and traditional jackets can be compared.

Charging Ability

Heated jackets require a battery. With this, they require regular charging to function properly.

Traditional jackets do not require any batteries or charging to create warmth.


Heated jackets are costly because of the many elements they contain to create a heating effect.

Traditional jackets are much less expensive as they do not have any heating system attached to them.


Heated jackets have the ability to adjust temperature in extreme weather conditions. With the heat settings, users can adjust the heat setting to high to combat the cold. This can keep away from many health conditions.

Traditional jackets do not have high adaptability. They have a certain threshold up to where they can control temperature and harsh winds. They are not too functional in harsh winters.

User Testimonials

Here are some personal experiences from individuals who have actually utilized heated jackets:

First Testimonial:

‘Working in construction requires me to spend many cold days in the great outdoors. My heated jacket has been a lifesaver. Even in the coldest conditions, it provides me with all-day comfort and warmth. I think it's a must-have for everybody who has to go to work or work in the snow throughout the winter.’ - Mike S.

2nd Testimonial:

A customer, Sarah J. used a heated jacket and elaborated on her experience.

‘Since I suffer from Raynaud's syndrome, my fingers are always cold. My new heated jacket has really changed the game. As a result, my hands and feet are less numb to the frigid temperatures, and my circulation is enhanced. With this, I don't have to stress about my hands and feet being too cold when I go for walks or perform other activities in the winter.’

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Some factors should be considered before opting for a heated jacket.


While buying a heated jacket, always consider the purpose of use before buying it. For example, If you are using the jacket for an outdoor sports activity such as skiing. Longer output hours are required, so SGKOW’s Classic Men’s jacket is ideal as it has a longer battery life and versatile working. It can offer 8–9 hours of continuous warmth.

On the other hand, for women, If they require it for shorter periods such as a walk or for work, then SGKOW’s Heated Jacket Coat is ideal. Its battery is a little lighter but serves a good enough output time to complete the activities.


Consider the budget before buying a heated jacket. Some jackets offer high value for money, while others don't. Comparing prices can provide insight into the features versus the value it offers.

Brand Reputation

Depending on the manufacturer, a heated jacket's price might vary widely. Certain brands charge a premium due to their established reputation for superior quality and functionality. It's possible that cheaper brands are not durable or operate as well over time.

SGKOW with over 100,000 satisfied customers offers the finest quality heated apparel in the market. Customer reviews explain the brand reputation well.

Warranty and Customer Support

Guarantees for heated jackets normally run from 1 to 3 years in length. However, damage resulting from improper usage or neglect may not be covered by the warranty's terms. The quality of brand-specific customer service for heated jackets varies widely.

When it comes to customer service, some companies are better than others. Before making a purchase, you should learn about a company's customer service procedures. When you purchase the jacket, make sure you read the guarantee information. Read the warranty carefully to see what things it includes and what it doesn't.


The market for heated clothing has exploded. Modern athletes and the public alike use them to tackle cold temperatures. They provide a number of advantages, from ease of use to actual health benefits. Safe usage of these jackets, however, needs user instructions. Traditional jackets are not as effective as heated jackets in cold temperatures, and SGKOW offers premium quality heated apparel. We hope this article helps you in an effective way.

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